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Antiquarian Bookstore „Filar”,  with over 40 years of experience, is specialized in the fields of mountaineering, touring and natural science.

Proud to have over 30,000 items in stock, we offer new, second-hand, vintage and antiquarian publications:
– books
– magazines
– maps
– folders and booklets
– postcards
– engravings

We purchase single copies, as well as entire, specialized collections of the above listed subject matters.
Unless stated otherwise, the offered books have original paper or cloth covers.
The offered books, magazines and maps are usually single copies. This may not apply to items sold as newly published.

We wish to inform you that we are generally interested in purchasing any publications within the fields of our interest. Please feel free to inquire about such possibility.

Bibliographic description used in the catalog contains the following information
– Catalog number
– Author
– Title and subtitle
– Place and date of publication
– Publishing party
– No. of pages
– Illustrations
– Cover type
– Height / size
– Condition
As of now, all descriptions are in Polish. For more information about specific items, please inquire via email.

Glossary of used abbreviations and tags:
– bmw – no place of publication
– brw – no date of publication
– bwyd – no publisher
– il. – illustrations
– kol. – coloured
– obw. – dust jacket / wrapper
– opr. brosz. – brochure cover
– opr. oryg. – original cover
– opr. ppł. – semi-clothing hardback
– opr. pł – clothing hardback
– opr. półsk. – semi-leather hardback
– piecz.bibliot. – library stamps
– piecz. wł. – private stamps
– skas. – cancelled
– zach. – cover, wrapper, dust jacket preserved

Orders, payments and shipping

Online payments, including PayPal and major credit cards are accepted. Wire transfer is possible, however transfer fees usually apply at the sender’s bank.

For small to medium size orders (up to a few books), the usual price for shipping abroad is 32 PLN – applied during placing the order.

Prices include VAT and are final.

We are currently working on making the store fully functional for our foreign customers, but in case of any doubt or confusion, please contact us.

For your convenience, you may set up a customer account and keep your items in the cart to have them stored.

We are happy to see you visit our bookstore. We hope that you find our offer attractive!